Dog Tag Authority


My name is Kobie.  I am now 18 years old.  My father bought me a Graphotype dog tag machine when I was 12 and ever since then I have been making and selling dog tags.

I remember buying the first Graphotype.  My dad and I went into the Dallas Arms Collectors gun show at Market Hall, in downtown Dallas.  My dad went and found a white bearded guy behind one of the tables and next thing I knew we were out in the parking lot moving the Graphotype from the bed of one pickup to another. 

A little cleaning and some lubricating then we were ready.  The next weekend we loaded the machine into the back of an old white Ford pickup and headed down to the Sidewalk Sale.  Forgetting change, power cords, dog tag forms and almost everything else somehow we managed to set up.  As soon as we threw down the tail gate of the truck along came our first customer.

My first customer ever was Ron Dimant.  I want to take a moment to tell Ron thank you.  When you came up and bought those dog tags from me in the back of the pickup I never knew that you would follow my progress all these years or that you would become a mentor and role model as you have.  Interning at MumboJumbo has been one of the highlights of my life - I owe it all to you Ron.  Thank you Ron for making that first purchase.

Mr. Dick King is another man I owe a lot to.  Mr. King you helped me learn the art of negotiation when you horse traded with me over the purchase of my first two dog tag machines on my own.  Mr. King if I could have found a way to move that house boat - I would have taken it too !!!

Several years ago I purchased 18, 600 lbs., of Graphotype machines from a business in Chicago, Il.  My father and I drove to Chicago and brought the machines back.  I can honestly say it was when we were in Chicago that was the first time I ever knew I had "flavor".

Recently I just purchased another load of machines some 6000 lbs., plus, from a location in Washington State.

I also want to take a moment to thank all those that have donated machines, equipment and information over the years.  Many of you have asked to not have your name revealed but I want to throw out a heart felt thank you to everyone for their advice, support and help.

Tom Cheek and his company "The Other Cheek," - Tom you have pulled for me from the beginning, I cannot say enough - we set up at the gun show and you welcomed me with open arms, you took me under your wing and taught me the ropes.  Vendors like Stewart treated me like dirt and hated having a "kid," selling at the shows, but Tom you accepted me and helped me.  I still use the machines you donated and though I do not attend as many gun shows anymore you have provided me guidance I will never forget.

Check back soon as I will be adding more.

- Kobie


What Next?

I am about to graduate high school and as such I will soon be bringing my sister on board to start running my company.

 Eventually I might hand off the company to my sister entirely.

I will stay on board to help her run things and train her on the machines and business in general but for me it is time to venture out and move on.

I feel my sister is the best person to take over the company as she all ready outsells me in our public venues now.