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The world's authority on military dog tags.  We have an inventory of more than 40 vintage dog tag machines that we use to make authentic replacement dog tags for our customers.

The online authority for Graphotype machines. is the one central location for everything Graphotype.  There is a forum, blog, history and information dedicated to Graphotype machines and dog tags.


The MASH Bus is a mobile dog tag manufacturing facility that is transported in a bus to give the appearance of the hospital bus from the TV Show MASH.  Come see the MASH Bus at the Dallas sidewalk sale the first Saturday of every month under the Woodall Rogers Freeway in downtown Dallas.


The codingCREW is the company I use for all my IT, web hosting and web site design services.  The CREW is there for all my needs and specializes in individual personalized IT solutions.  I can recommend none better than the codingCREW.

Plantation Lumber Company

PLC is a member of the codingCREW.  Plantation Lumber specializes in personalized IT related services for discreet and demanding clientele.

The Army Store

The Army Store is owned and operated by Mike Green.  Mike has become one the leading experts in the field of Airsoft guns.  The Army Store is one of the premier Army Navy Surplus Stores in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  If it is related to surplus Mike can get it.

Stout Security

Stout Security provides the highest level of security and alarm solutions for those seeking professional grade equipment and services.

The P-38 is an icon of WWII, this little can opener is instantly recognizable by any vet and is one of the single most influential tools from WWII that lives on today. is the internet portal for everything P-38 related.

This is my personal web site.  It is not updated very often but someday I will get it cleaned up and add new content.  Right now it is the best I have.  Check it out.

Kelsey Boo

This is my sisters web site.  Kelsey is very sports active and she likes to post photos on her web site to share with her friends and family.  Kelsey will be taking over DogTagsRus very soon and I know she will do a good job with it.

United Developers
Ritual Entertainment

Ron Dimant my first customer ever . . . 

Currently Ron serves as Chief Strategy Officer of MumboJumbo, a top tier developer (Luxor) and retail publisher (Bejeweled 2, Super Collapse 2) of premium casual games which are available for download from the most popular websites (, and as boxed product from leading retailers (Best Buy, Wal-Mart).

Ron is also the Founder of United Developers, the parent company of MumboJumbo.

 Over the past years, Ron has managed a number of computer game development and publishing companies, including:

Parsoft (flight simulation games)
Ritual Entertainment (first person shooters)
MacPlay (games for Macintosh computers).

Next time you see Ron you might call him Doctor . . .

Ron attended Imperial College of Science and Technology where he received a Masters of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering and later attended the University of Cambridge where he was awarded a Doctorate in Materials Science.

I am proud to say I am one of the few that Ron has allowed to have a photograph !

A American Searchlights

This web site is owned and operated by Bart Dysart, a friend of mine and fellow searchlight owner and operator.  Bart embraced us when we purchased our WWII anti-aircraft searchlight and he graciously extended his help and knowledge to train us in the use and operation of these carbon arc wonders.

The photos on A American Searchlight's web site are phenomenal to say the least.  As good as the photos are there is nothing like running an 800,000,000 million candle power light first hand.













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